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Why Celebrate Success?

It creates high self-esteem, confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation to do a better job

It has a cumulative and lasting effect

It helps employees feel engaged and competent

People want to be recognized for their hard work!

Guiding Principles

Say thank you!
It’s free and goes a long way

Pay attention and be specific
Objectively identify who deserves recognition and be sure to communicate the exact reason for the recognition

Be genuine and consistent
Recognition should be honest and sincere

Be timely
Employees should be recognized soon after the contribution or accomplishment

Be sure the type of recognition is appropriate for the behavior recognized
Link rewards to your departmental values and mission

Take a personal approach
Communicate with your colleagues and employees to understand what motivates them

Equal Opportunity
Make sure everyone gets a chance to be recognized

Recognize Each Other
Reward and recogniton opportunities can come from peers as well as supervisors

Want to Submit an Idea?

Do you have more ideas for great ways to thank and motivate your colleagues and employees? We want to hear from you!